Lindsay Umlah on Appreciating Your Body | Ep. 84

The glorious Lindsay Umlah joins Optimistically Depressed for a second time!

I saw a post she made on Instagram about being enough and it struck me. There are many areas we need to work through when it comes to feeling like we measure up and believe me, I’ve been working on them. The first one I wanted to tackle was being enough as myself, with my personality and my opinion. I’ve made great progress in that area and I’ve been dedicating a lot of focus to it. But another area that haunts me is my body image.

I know I’m not alone here. We each have our unique struggles with it. I have identified as being thin – very thin. And it was something I don’t recall thinking much about growing up because I was a scrawny kid. But now I’m older and my body has some more miles on it. My body has changed. My eating habits change with the season, especially with emotional seasons. Let me tell you, over the past couple years, I have been through some dark emotional seasons, and I find comfort in food. As a result, my body has changed and I have felt so much shame about it.

Lindsay and I talk through these things along with some other good stuff. If you need a reminder of why you are enough and that you aren’t alone in feeling like you aren’t, this talk is for you.

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