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Podcast Atlantic is a Podcast Directory for Atlantic Canadian Podcasts and a Production Company for those who want to dip their toes into the podcasting world but don’t want the hassle of dealing with equipment, editing and everything else that comes with the production of a great podcast.

We are a professional podcasting company dedicated to professional service, quality storytelling, and trustworthy results.


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The Ambition Theory Podcast: How to support other women

18. How to support other women Why don't women always support other women? It’s unfortunate but true. In this episode I’m sharing a story of when I fell into the trap of not supporting another woman’s success. This issue comes up a lot, and it’s easy for us to point...

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Turn Me On Podcast: A Statement From Turn Me On

Source: Turn Me On Podcast A Statement From Turn Me On A break in the podcast’s regular schedule. Jeremie addresses an allegation on Instagram about unethical non-monogamy on a dating app. Questions and concerns can be addressed to turnmeonpodcast@gmail.com   See...

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Food in Five: What a Chef Feed His One Year Old Son

Source: Food in Five What a Chef Feed His One Year Old Son I get asked a lot about what I feed my baby. Well, today I am going to share with you my baby food journey in hopes that it may help someone https://www.chefsnotes.com/what-a-chef-feeds-his-one-year-old-son...

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