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Podcast Atlantic is a Podcast Directory for Atlantic Canadian Podcasts and a Production Company for those who want to dip their toes into the podcasting world but don’t want the hassle of dealing with equipment, editing and everything else that comes with the production of a great podcast.

We are a professional podcasting company dedicated to professional service, quality storytelling, and trustworthy results.  Contact us for a quote and a free Discovery Meeting. info@podcastatlantc.com or call (902) 233-4676


New Podcast Episodes

Solacene – 7.07 : Mary Evelyn Tucker

7.07 : Mary Evelyn Tucker What are the idols attempting to fill the void of spiritual meaning in our culture? How can world religions be united with ecological concerns to solve modern problems? What exactly is Zen Christianity? This episode features a discussion of...

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The Spawn Chunks – The Spawn Chunks 286: Leggo My Add-ons

The Spawn Chunks 286: Leggo My Add-ons Joel, and Jonny discuss how add-ons coming to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition have huge potential to change the way players experience the game, take a look back their own Minecraft experiences, and look forward to challenges ahead.

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For Screen and Country – Men in War

Men in War This week, the fellas head to 1950s Korea with the Anthony Mann film Men in War! They debate if the movie takes Benson or Montana's point of view in terms of battle conduct and then discuss other topics like the career of James Edwards and the unfortunate...

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