Episode #004 – “It’s Still a Cup of Tea”

Pjila’si Nijin-chewamu’gk Lnu Podcast. Welcome to the Pink Lnu Podcast – An Indigenous platform for intersectional stories. Teluisi Amy (my name is Amy), and I’m the host and creator of this show.

“It’s Still a Cup of Tea” is a conversation with guest Justin Tobin – a Two-Spirit, Jewish, Lnu (Mi’kmaw) from Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland). Here we discuss how he discovered his family’s hidden heritage, the struggles of accepting that he wasn’t just “white bread,” and his long journey of embracing his full identity. Justin shares his experiences as a Folklore undergraduate at Memorial University (MUN) and as a Social Researcher for the Torbay Folk Arts Council. We also briefly talk about healing through connections to the land and traditional Mi’kmaq medicines.

M’sit No’kmaq (All My Relations) ❤️💛🖤⠀

Produced by Colin Alexander, Conduit Voice Media. All music used under license (C) 2021 A Vlog Hip-Hop Ident Pack (C) Raspberrymusic

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