Issue 3, Sept. 30, 2018

Welcome to Podcast Atlantic: This Week.  It’s a chance to see what you may have missed in the past week and an opportunity to download or stream the latest episode of your favourite Atlantic Canadian podcast.  Here we go.


Hopped Up Gaming: East. Using the Whole Scale.  The HUGE Crew is back this week to talk about all sorts of things! We have some Spiderman, some miniature painting, some Destiny 2 Raid prepping, some Into the Breach, some Server building talk, and more! Beer featured this week: Molson Canadian Cold Shots and 2 Crows Fantacity.

Night and Day. “I think this calls for a double G&T in a short glass!  “Wow! This is our 10th episode of Night and Day Podcast! In this episode, PJ and Alanna get off on a bunch of tangents and struggle to stay focused. The end result is one of the funnier episodes we think we have done in a while. What do you think? We try out a new segment called Night and Day Rapid Fire and do our usual “What the hell is wrong with people.

The Coast: 25 for 25 Podcast. 2007- with Lindell Smith & Kelsey Lane.  City councillor Lindell Smith joins us to talk about the past and future of Uniacke Square—along with his first appearance in The Coast as a young 16-year-old dreaming of becoming an audio technician. Then, Halifax Cycling Coalition executive director Kelsey Lane calls in to discuss how cycling infrastructure has changed over the past 11 years. All this plus Island Greek opens, the Guardian Angels threaten to set up shop, Celine Dion isn’t welcome, and we say one last goodbye to Helen Hill The Coast presents: 25 for 25. A year-by-year audio archive.

Mental Health: Let’s Talk about it!  Roberta Hibbert. Roberta shares how her Type “E” personality being everything to everyone was no healthy and how volunteering has helped her with her self-care.

Taggart and Torrens Episode 159.  This week we bring back two games, Blank Years Old and Spot on the Spot! Plus, Station ID’s guy!

The Derf and Deets Podcast. Ain’t Going Bump No More.  Derf & Deets catch up after not seeing each other in a while. There are driving stories, phone mishaps and so much more. Enjoy.

Magic Time Podcast. HC Joe Salerno is here to talk about the latest players signings, the big trip to China, the new digs for the team and a few other things.

Elwood City Limits Episode 77: Mister Muffin Man.  Forty-four! Will & Lucas prepare to talk parents and theft on this week’s episode! First, in “Kids Are from Earth, Parents Are From Pluto”, the lads wonder if parents open house nights are a thing and gush about Sue Ellen’s parents; then, in “Nerves of Steal”, does the punishment really fit the crime? All that, plus Lucas’ film festival adventures, Will dives into TV land, Cyber Toys, War Games, and more!

The High Button. Colton Heffley, Kelowna Rockets & Farming. Colton Heffley​ stops by The High Button to talk about growing up in Swift Current, Saskatchewan and playing for one of the best WHL organizations. Now playing for Dalhousie Tigers​, Colton talks about the move to Halifax and what intrigued him to play university hockey here. Also a little NHL training camp talk and how to stand out.

Changing the Narrative.  Male Plastic Surgery.  This week we catch our feet after some technical difficulties to talk men getting new hairlines, professional sports in Halifax and Lauren’s cousins in Crazy Rich Asians. We also get into the ways in which musicians like Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj are making more money off their art by packaging it in creative ways. Want to learn how?

902 Brewcast. September Tasting Episode with The Drunk Files. We took some super great beers to record with the girls from The Drunk Files podcast! We talked beer, mysteries, and more beer.

The Hafilax Basement Tapes Podcast. Natalie Lynn. Natalie and Ryan stopped by to chat about their upcoming tour, the success of their latest single “Company” and everything in between.

lol u r gay. Let’s Reboot Hollywood Squares!  Lisa and Adam talk back-to-school shopping, Beanie Babies and who they would cast in a reboot of the 90s gameshow “Hollywood Squares”!

3 Player Co-Op – PlayStation 360. Telltale Games closing Sony unveils the PS1 Classic Capcom.  Vancouver is closing Compulsion Games reaches out to Capcom Vancouver employees. PlayStation Now streaming service now offers game downloads Extra Life Reminder and Announcement.

The Warp Whistle Nintendo Podcast. A Speed Run to the Past with Joseph Bicknell. After a recap of an exciting weekend at CaperCon, Mark sits down with local The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past speed runner Joseph Bicknell to talk about getting a start in speed running, picking a game, and more!

36 Times. Murder at Goblin Hollow and Signs Point to Wigs.  Listeners, it’s Lilly’s turn this week, and she brings a mystery! Yes, an unsolved, the mystery of Goblin’s Hollow! What happened to Ann, a single mother who was brutally murdered in the middle of the night? And then, Krista brings the story of wigs and signs, both confusing, both fun! Like what you hear?


Deep Water Church.  Living in the Light – God is Love.  We hear the expression “God is Love” a lot. Today we’re unpacking what that looks like for us and what it says about our value and our worth.

Recruiting Masters. “ presents the “Recruiting Masters”  Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”

Natural Born Coaches. Danielle Fitzpatrick: Collaboration and Growth. Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark is a #1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker and the Better-Than-A-Blueprint Business Coach for Influencers and Entrepreneurs. She has helped 6 and 7-figure small business owners and entrepreneurs become more visible, scale their business, create powerful platforms, and tailor their success to build their dreams on their terms, following their yellow brick road.

Food in Five. Soup Secrets.  Everything you ever wanted to know about soup and so much more.

The Spawn Chunks 008: Flying the Savanna Flag.  MINECON Earth is coming and Mojang wants you to vote on what biome gets updated first. Pixlriffs and Joel discuss their ideas for improving desert, taiga, and savanna biomes, chunk mail on Minecraft structures and our plans to cover MINECON live.

Hopped Up Gaming: East. Open-Proof Bottles.  This week on the podcast you can look forward to hearing about X-wing 2.0, Mandy, server building woes, more Spiderman, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Destiny 2 raids, controversial jalapeños opinions, and more! Beer featured this week: Oude Kriek Cuvée René by Brouwerij Lindemans and Atlantic Pale Ale by Tatamagouche Brewing Co.

Changing the Narrative. Black Excellence Pt. 2 Ft. Alfred Burgesson, we continue part 2 our conversation with Alfred Burgesson and talk systematic racism, being black in Nova Scotia, the balance of trading and charging for services, generational wealth, World Basic Income, the comparisons of North American vs. World poverty, the relevancy of podcasting and MORE! We also get into Alfred’s role with the Halifax Social Network, the monetization of artistic skills and what is coming next for the Halifax Social Network!

Riding in Cars with Cats. Volta Insights.  A while back I had the pleasure of speaking with some individuals involved in some programs at Volta and I wanted to share with you some insights that I developed through that process. How do we think about customers? How do we think about products? How do we measure success? These are all featured on this week’s episode of the podcast.

902 Brewcast. Melanie Sweeney and Jeff Raynard of Tusket Falls Brewing Co.  We went down to the Yarmouth County taproom to talk about opening one of the first breweries in the area, initial headaches, and brewing.

Zen Nova Scotia.  Dogen’s “Guidelines for Studying the Way” (3 of 13) – Just Forget Yourself for Now. Talk #3 on our series on Dogen’s “Guidelines for Studying the Way.”

Sickboy. Brian’s Mom Pees Out of Her Belly Button: Bladder Cancer.  Ever wonder what it’s like to pee out of your belly button? Brian’s mom never did until she was corralled through a Chinese CT scan factory and realized she may have Bladder Cancer. This week we speak to Marie, Brian’s MOM! She’s a foul-mouthed cutie pie and although she was a bit nervous to speak openly this ended up being one of our favourite episodes of the year. From 16″ catheters to cat b******es, this episode gets weird.


Turning a New Leaf. ‘Dealing with The Black Market’ -w. anonymous guest.  In this episode, Shawn discusses the illegal cannabis trade with an anonymous insider to find out how legalization will affect the black market.

The High Button. Raphael Lavoie, Mooseheads & Memorial Cup talk.  Today on the High Button podcast, Halifax Mooseheads forward and highly touted NHL prospect; Raphael Lavoie joins us to talk about the upcoming QMJHL season, Life in Halifax and some of his favourite memories from his exceptional rookie season in a Mooseheads uniform. Also, Raphael touches on the excitement of hosting the Memorial Cup on home ice and what is expected of the team moving forward.

Food in Five. A brief history of corn syrup. There isn’t too much to know about corn syrup, but what there is to know is contained within this podcast.

Turn Me On. Tired of Fighting.  This week starts off cold because Bryde is annoyed with Jeremie for deleting content. We talk about fighting in relationships and trying not to play the blame game. Guest Mackenzie is also going through some rough stuff. Invasive thoughts of her mom’s illness are, er, cockblocking her.

Startup Canada. Accessible Futures: Building Tomorrow’s Canada with Nadia Hamilton.  Nadia Hamilton is the CEO of Magnusmode, an interactive app that coaches’ people with special needs through everyday situations using customizable flashcards, stories and a wizard character named Magnus. Through multiple partnerships with customers including CIBC and Tim Hortons, the app is on its way.

Recruiting Masters. “ presents the “Recruiting Masters”.  Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”.

Dog Island. Episode 28: Clout Sharks. This is a special episode for all you new students. We’re talking about the coolest spots and the things in town that you gotta check out.  When you work in our business it’s so hard to find real people. This clout thing is f****d up – fake friends everywhere just trying to get instagram likes. Graeme tries to navigate the shark infested waters at a party in Montreal. We also scope out the ocean in Halifax where the fins are popping up everywhere. Some biters are trying to open up private health clinics right in our backyards; so hard to trust people these days when they’re all chasing clout.

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 31: Braille for your Ass.  The Kid is Back with the Big Cat. They talk about their trip to see Mick Foley, the big cats new catch phrase, the joker movie, a crackhead intro, Dr Phil, Bill Cosby and popping a titty. Plus, so much more. You don’t want to miss this one.

BoxJumper Podcast Episode 08: Your CrossFit Foundation is Your Feet, with Certified Pedorthist PJ Makinen.  Our connection to the floor is a vital part of your foundation for fitness, particularly in CrossFit. In this episode, I speak with certified Pedorthist and fellow CrossFitter PJ Makinen about the biomechanical analysis he uses in his profession to find the root cause of discomfort or pain in the lower limbs. PJ shares tips about corrective devices like orthotics that can compensate for common deficiencies in form that can result in pain, compromise performance, and increase risk of injury.

Tech and Beer with Calvino.  Calvino Anderson talks with industry experts, technologists, CIO’s and other smart people over a cold beer (often local) beer.


Food in Five. Good food Vs Great Food. What’s the difference between good food and great food? Let me share what I learned from my first fine dining job.

Recruiting Masters.  “ presents the “Recruiting Masters” Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting.

InTalksicated Reviews. Recap and Refills: The Predator. Corey is joined by his 90’s Proof cohost Bryant to talk about their night out watching the new Shane Black directed next chapter of the Predator franchise “The Predator”, While drinking some Propeller Pilsner they answer questions like Why would the library host a rap album release party? how much candy is too much candy? and What is Ball Drop? oh and we also talk about the movie.

The Citadel Cafe 288: The Dragon Prince.  Megan and Joel discuss The Dragon Prince, a new Netflix original animated series from one of the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Some spoilers, but with fair warning. Plus, an extra post show Barista Cut for our patrons!


Food in Five. A brief history of coleslaw. First of all, do you even know what coleslaw is? You might now.

In the Storyhouse. Becoming a LinkedIn Influencer with Guest Stacy Maynard.  A deep dive on the social platform that most millennial influencers ignore- LinkedIn. We chat with Stacy Maynard, a LinkedIn expert and consultant about etiquette, how to really connect on LinkedIn, how often to post and how to use it to grow your brand and revenue.  6to6 SUMMIT Tickets are still on sale! Get them before the early bird price ends on September 30th or until November 6th by visiting

InTalksicated. A Sleepover with 36 Times.  Girltalksicated is back! This time with 2nd time returning guests and fellow podcasters Krista and Lilly from 36 Times Podcast! Krista and Lilly crash at my place and chat about the stories behind how they met their husbands and then things get weird with a game of Perks and Quirks (really messed up deal breakers)!

The Drunk Files. The Fellowship of the Drunk Girls.  Special guest alert. This week we have the lovely pleasure of welcoming miss Rebecca O’Quinn into our recording studio (ahem, Ellen’s loft) We let her choose the topic and she didn’t disappoint us with the inevitably cringe-worthy topic of Cults. Now while we got the extra pleasure of having Becky over to play, we do warn, this episode is NOT for the faint of heart. Be prepared to hear some super fucked-up things.

Living Heritage. Introducing the New St. John’s Farmer’s Market.  In this episode, we chat with Ann Connors about the transition from the Lion’s Club Chalet to the Market’s new home at 245 Freshwater Road. Ann talks about the Market’s grand opening, partnerships with the Rabbittown community, market vendors, as well as upcoming workshops, performances and more. This episode is the first in a series showcasing the people and stories of the St. John’s Farmer’s Market, from farmers, to craft and food vendors, and more.

First Down Sports Podcast. Here is this week’s episode, we talk Week 15 games and a Halifax update. Enjoy.

#TemaTalks.  Belinda Seagram.  Dr. Belinda Seagram is a Clinical Psychologist in Falmouth, NS. She has founded Landing Strong, a treatment facility opening in Windsor, NS. Learn about her work, this fantastic new facility, and a new comic book she is also rolling out! Don’t forget to play the TemaTalks Gratitude Game!

Recruiting Masters. “ presents the “Recruiting Masters”.  Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”.

Screaming into the Void.  Mini Medication Talk.

Pickle Planet Podcast: Pelvic Floors and More. You guys, there is SO much I didn’t know about pelvic floor health!! I had no idea that peeing even a little bit when you laugh, or sneeze is NOT normal, that there’s something called…


Recruiting Masters. “ presents the “Recruiting Masters”.  Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”.

Food in Five. My secret obsession. We all have them. Things we don’t commonly share about ourselves. Things that we are secretly obsessed with. Well, today I’m telling you mine.

The MilkRun Podcast: Your Message Need to Strike When the Iron Is Hot.  This episode I speak about the power of understanding when your customers are most likely to open your message. While social media is great, you don’t own those contacts. You need a way to engage with new, existing and lost customers to grow your business.

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