Week of September 9 – 15, 2018

Issue 1, Sept. 16, 2018

Welcome to the first issue of Podcast Atlantic This Week.  It’s a chance to see what you may have missed and an opportunity to download or stream the latest episode of your favourite Atlantic Canadian podcast.  Here we go.


36 Times Episode 43. Our System is Broken and Canuck Did What?

It’s a new episode, and Krista brings the tale of a man who slipped through the cracks in our system, a gaping hole in justice that lead to the loss of more than one life at his hands. Then, to try and pretend like life isn’t awful and the world isn’t burning, Lilly brings the tale of a mischievous animal. With a knife!  This week’s episode features discussion of Intimate Partner Violence, so listener discretion is advised.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/36-times/

Nova Scotia Kitchens.  Phillip’s Giant Pancake Puff. My 11-year-old son Phillip makes a favourite weekend breakfast of his, and I add my standby granola recipe for good measure.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/nova-scotia-kitchens/

Under the Hood.  Entrepreneurship and Doormats – are they a good mix? A Great Big Dream – am I good enough for this?  Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/under-the-hood/

Riding in Cars with Cats Learning to Swim. My son taught himself to swim this summer. What does that have to do with MOOC, learning, sunk costs, and quitting?  That’s what we figure out this week.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/riding-in-cars-with-cats/

Screaming into the Void A Companion Podcast to the blog where the host shares her thoughts and struggles with depression and anxiety. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/screaming-into-the-void/


3 Player Co-Op Episode 230 – That’s the Blow Hole The massive update to fix Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now live. ‘Halo: Reach’ Is Being Considered for ‘The Master Chief Collection’.  Microsoft expects big things from Forza Horizon 4.  NHL 19 quick review.  Spiderman Easter egg goes terribly wrong.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/three-player-co-op/

Food in Five: My five favourite vegetarian meals.  Vegetarian food does not have to be boring. You may already be eating it and not even know it…say what?  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

Natural Born Coaches 571: Ilan & Guy Ferdman: Explore Your Worthiness. Ilan and Guy Ferdman are blood brothers, life coaches, entrepreneurs, and curious adventurers dedicated to helping you create the life you most want to live.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/natural-born-coaches/

NewfoundPod  EPISODE 24 – 9/11 IN NEWFOUNDLAND. Tuesday will mark the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States. Over 200 planes were diverted from the US to Canada, and over 70 of those planes landed in Newfoundland and Labrador. There was no plan in place for this type of thing. At the time, it just wasn’t something people thought could happen.  At the airport in St. John’s, 27 planes landed, carrying over 4,000 passengers and crew. 38 planes ended up in Gander. Over 6,000 people ended up stranded in the town, which almost doubled its population in one day.  This is the story of how the province reacted.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/newfoundpod/

Recruiting Masters.  Canadafootballchat.com presents the “Recruiting Masters”.  Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting.   https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/recruiting-masters/

Riding in Cars with Cats.  Super Bonus Mini Episode: Just Do It! What does Nike’s ad mean for the future of advertising?  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/riding-in-cars-with-cats/

902 BrewCast Chris Downey of The Harbour Brewing Company We went down to Musquodoboit Harbour to chat with Chris about opening a brewery in a small town in Nova Scotia and what it’s like to be your own boss.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/902-brewcast/

On Food in Five A Brief History of The Tagine.  Unchanged for thousands of years the tagine has last for so long for one simple reason, it’s awesome. What don’t you know about the tagine??  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

Zen Nova Scotia 097 – Happiness is Overrated.  “Happiness” is just another way to measure a life and make it smaller. There’s another view.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/zen-nova-scotia/

Sick Boy – Swallowing 101: Achalasia.  Imagine you ate a meal but instead of the food doing what it normally would do (travel through the entire digestive system) it just became stuck within your non-working esophagus. As if your body was trying to mimic an emperor penguin by storing food for your baby. Except when you inevitably regurgitate your food, there is no baby penguin to receive it… because you’re a human woman. This is Kelsey’s life. She suffers from Achalasia.   https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/sickboy-podcast/


Dog Island.  Episode 27: The Seven Mountains of Culture. This week we’re reading from Matt Whitman’s Integrity Magazine, so we can learn how to be successful business owners like God wants. We also read an essay about organized crime written by a nine-year-old. Pretty funny lots of jokes. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/dog-island/

Changing the Narrative.  Black Excellence Pt. 1 ft. Alfred Burgesson.  Join Duane, Terrence and friend of the show, Alfred Burgesson as we gather for part 1 of 3 of our Nova Scotia Black Excellence convo. How do we support each other? How do we build each others’ businesses? How do we hold each other accountable? It’s not often three black men in the entrepreneurship world get to share their unfiltered perspectives with the world. You’re welcome. Enjoy!  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/changing-the-narrative-podcast/

On The Commuter Chronicles- Mr. Commuter has been away but is back with an update.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-commuter-chronicles/

Startup Canada.  Building Lean Systems for Heavy Sectors with Graham Mann. With over three-thousand routes scheduled per month, Lean Systems is poised to transform the transportation sector. This Montreal-based business is solving the organizational problems for the transportation industry, and on the journey has been selected by a number of exciting accelerators, such as Creative Destruction.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/startup-canada/

On Food in Five.  And Everything you ever wanted to know about polenta. What is polenta? Where did it come from? How do you make it? All of this will be answered and more as we talk about everything you need to know about polenta.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 30: What Happened?!  All the boys are in studio on this one and the talk leans a little heavy on the food side as they are all super hungry. Dan learns he knows wrestlers from Ultimate Beastmasters, Travis tells us where we can go on YouTube for a good cry, and Andrew tries hard to re-write a Nickelback classic and fails. Of course, there is a lot more from the Last Nazi, to American Ninja, to 9/11.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-boys-club/

Turning a New Leaf. ‘Chamber of Cannabis’ -w. Patrick Sullivan. On this episode, Shawn hosts Patrick Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, and we discuss the Chamber’s perspective on the upcoming legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/turning-a-new-leaf/

#TemaTalks Episode 19: Greg Armstrong.  Meet Greg Armstrong. Paramedic, and Chaplain for the Tema Conter Memorial Trust. Hear his story about travelling to assist those in need, including working at ground zero in the days following the 9/11 Attacks in New York. Also, don’t forget to play the Gratitude Game, and let us know what you are grateful for!  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/tematalks/

3 Player Co-Op Episode 230 – That’s the Blow Hole.  The massive update to fix Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now live ‘Halo: Reach’ Is Being Considered for ‘The Master Chief Collection’ Microsoft expects big things from Forza Horizon 4 NHL 19 quick review Spiderman Easter egg goes terribly wrong. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/three-player-co-op/

The Warp Whistle Podcast Level 161 – Charity Gaming Challenge. This week Mark joined Cole Ferguson for the Charity Gaming Challenge! Follow Charity Gaming Challenge at twitch.tv/charitygamingchallenge, facebook.com/charitygamingchallenge or on Twitter @CharityGamingC1   https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-warp-whistle-podcast/


Turn Me On – 66 – Wild Child.  What’s in your spank bank? Your c*m catalogue? Your diddle directory? Is it cheating if it’s a dream? Why do swingers love gold chains? Bryde and Jeremie have a lot of questions. We chat with Lisa about her love of being a legend. Trigger warning, this is not your average rom com prom story. Unfortunately, sexual violence is all too common an experience for youngsters. Toss some citrus vodka in the mix and it’s even more stomach churning.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/turn-me-on-podcast/

Recruiting Masters September 12.  “Canadafootballchat.com presents the “Recruiting Masters”

Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/recruiting-masters/

Ep 1 of the Premier Floorball Podcast! What is Floorball, who plays and what are the rules?
Also…HUGE news about something coming in May, 2019  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/premier-floorball-canada/

Recruiting Masters. “Canadafootballchat.com presents the “Recruiting Masters”
Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting” https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/recruiting-masters/

InTalksicated Reviews. Trailer Trashed 7 is here, Bryant and Corey tackling some topics in the news this week, talk about some buzz words and watch some new trailers. Questions are answer like Do you like terrible Freddy Kruger impressions? Do you like a decent Blair Underwood impression? and do you remember LA Law? all that and more……….bad impressions.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/intalksicated-reviews/

First Down Sports Podcast In this episode Wray asks Eskimo fans for forgiveness on his previous week Power Rankings!!! Although hoping he doesn’t sour Roughrider fans this week!!! https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/first-down-sports-podcast/

Pickle Planet Podcast: Navigating Pregnancy and Infant Loss.   Mayson. Charlotte. Patrick. Landen. These children did not come home to live with their families, but their brief lives have had a lasting legacy. Join their mothers as they share thoughts on pregnancy and more.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/pickle-planet-podcast/


Food in Five. A brief history of the Dare Company.  So much you didn’t know about the company that makes your favourite cracker.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

In the Storyhouse. Transforming from Blog to Business with Guest Jenna Morton.  We dive deep with Jenna Morton, a full time Mom and blogger, and talk about how she’s learned to focus her attention, change her mind and change the results she’s seeing in her blog and business. Jenna opens up about her financial goals and achievements and explains how working with Storyhouse Co. has shifted the way she approaches her work.    https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/in-the-storyhouse/

The Citadel Cafe 286: LEGO House. Lou and Joel kick things off discussing their experiences with Netflix original content. Joel builds up another documentary about the LEGO House in Denmark while Lou hangs on to a predictable thread in Skyscraper.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-citadel-cafe/

The Commuter Chronicles.  Staring into the Abyss.  Watch me grow!  https://podcastatlantic.com/?s=The+Commuter+Chronicles

Recruiting Masters. “Canadafootballchat.com presents the “Recruiting Masters”. Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/recruiting-masters/

InTalksicated Ep. 77: 12 Hour Livestream Highlights.  I did it! I pulled off a 12 hour livestream! This is a clips episode with only SOME of my fave moments from the crazy day featuring: Compass Distillers, Podcast Atlantic, Corey from InTalksicated Reviews, Past guests Shannon and Vern, Andrew Vaughan, Travis Lindsay, Harper McCormack & Dan Hendricken!  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/intalksicated-podcast/

The Drunk Files.  Stick em’ up! Give me all of your booze! Ever dream about robbing a bank, but you just don’t have it in you? The drunk girls are telling stories of heists this week (and not just in banks). It’s the perfect episode to live vicariously through the successful criminals and laugh at the unsuccessful ones. Oh, and it’ll soften your cold black hearts a little too (how? You’ll see!)  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-drunk-files/

Living Heritage. Ep 126 Designate a person, event, or site in your community; Shannon Lewis-Simpson tells us how! Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson is the Newfoundland and Labrador representative for the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Board declares and commemorates sites, events and people of national significance. In this episode, Dr. Lewis-Simpson explains how you can nominate a person, place, thing for designation. She also shares some of the Board’s recent designations and projects.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/living-heritage/

Big Game Sports Radio.  The Fundy Thunder.  The Fundy Thunder are a brand-new team in the Nova Scotia Minor Midget AAA Hockey League. HC Tim Macumber talks about the league; the team and what fans can expect when they watch the Thunder play. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/big-game-sports-radio/

Bookings – The King’s Co-op Bookstore Podcast. Crowds, Selves and Various Forms Of Detachment with Dr. John Plotz.  Crowds, Selves, and Various Forms of Detachment While we can’t know each other completely, we’re obsessed with guessing and modern literature provides numerous examples. Jesse interviews Dr. John Plotz, Professor of Victorian Literature at Brandeis University and author of “The Crowd” (2000), “Portable Property” (2008) and “Semi-Detached” (2017). For Plotz, crowds, keepsakes, politics, and novels represent some of the ways we grapple with how our own inner lives relate to those of others. We can also find ourselves estranged from ourselves during an aesthetic experience. Jesse and John discuss crowds, Baudelaire, the political dimensions of Victorian literature, public and private spaces, mementos, cave paintings, intention, how we give private objects meanings, our relationship with history, the line between reality and fiction, the psychology of the modern novel, and finally, H.G. Wells and why science fiction is so cool.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/bookings-the-kings-co-op-bookstore-podcast/

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