Week of November 18 to 24, 2018

Issue 10, November 25, 2018

Welcome to Podcast Atlantic: This Week.  It’s a chance to see what you may have missed in the past week and an opportunity to download or stream the latest episode of your favourite Atlantic Canadian podcast.  Here we go.


From Firm Foundation Media comes a new podcast called Dal AC Rams Roundup.  On this episode Yukie is in her 2nd year at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, and the Business student is at home on the volleyball court.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/dal-ac-rams-roundup/

Inspired Leadership.  Tyler Bayley and Susan Power talk about what is Inspired Leadership. The purpose of this podcast is to celebrate examples of inspired leadership to create more of it in our workplaces. The word “Inspire” means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. Inspire comes from the Latin word that means to inflame or to blow into. When you inspire someone, it is as if you are blowing air over a low flame to make it grow. If you have a leadership story you think we should feature on a future episode, we would love to hear from you. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/inspired-leadership/


Healthy Alternatives: Healthy Eating and Weight Loss with Brian Murray.  Listen to Dr. Christine and Brian discuss healthy food, healthy agriculture, grass-fed meat, free-range chickens and why the quality of our food matters more than the quantity.  Brian is an avid researcher and applied his knowledge on himself, achieving an amazing 100 lbs+ weight loss, using a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.  Contact Brian at: http://www.bluebarn.ca/   https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/healthy-alternatives/

Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It. Georgina Fitzpatrick & Jenny Theriault.  Georgina (Fraudcents) and Jenny (VON) join me to discuss the mental health impacts of fraud on our aging population and their families. How can we protect our loved ones and community members from elder abuse? This is a very important topic that we cannot ignore! Be empowered!  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/lets-talk-about-it/

Zen Nova Scotia: Dogen’s Guidelines for Studying the Way (11 of 13) – The Conduct of Zen Monks.  Talk #11 from our series on Dogen’s “Guidelines for Studying the Way.”  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/zen-nova-scotia/

36 Times: William Shrubsall and Rogue Peacock Dances.  Listeners, it’s Krista’s turn to bring the tale, and she brings the story of William Shrubsall, aka Johnny Thunder (or so Lilly insists on calling the monster). Then, Lilly gets to talk about the fanciest bird to hop along rooftops since Mary Poppins!  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/36-times/

Dog Island: War All the Time.  Follow us into the depths of despair as we attend the Halifax International Security Forum. Afterwards with the help of Dr Isaac Saney we remember the importance of hoping and fighting for a better world.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/dog-island/

HaliBlab. Inspiration for the Entrepreneur with Meryl Cook.   Meryl Cook is an author, journal writer, speaker, and workshop leader. As a contemporary fibre artist and former homeopath, Meryl brings her lifetime of work in the healing arts together with her experience as an artist to help others with their healing journey. Currently, Meryl is the Craft LAIR (Local Artist in Residence) at the Centre for Craft, Nova Scotia. Her story will inspire the entrepreneur in all of us. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/haliblab/


NSGEU: Union Matters. On this week’s episode of Union Matters, we sit down with labour lawyer Jill Houlihan to talk about a hot topic: weed and the workplace. Since the legalization of cannabis four short weeks ago, many employees (and employers) have been left with unanswered questions about how use of the substance – recreationally and medicinally – may affect their employment. We try to answer a few of these questions with Jill this week!  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/nsgeu-union-matters/

Natural Born Coaches: Marcus Aurelius Anderson: The Gift of Adversity.  While preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army, Marcus suffered a severe spinal injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. His life was turned upside down, and after dying twice on the operating table, he was told he would never be able to walk or use his hands again. Days quickly turned into months, and he was forced into life changing soul searching. He discovered he was left with two choices, he could either be a victim, or he change his mindset. Having no other option, he began looking for any lessons to be learned from his injury, and soon discovered that his Adversity was a gift. He now speaks, teaches, and writes to inspire others to actualize their full potential and achieve their goals and aspirations.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/natural-born-coaches/

Hopped Up Gaming: East Fool’s Honey.  This week on the podcast, The HUGE Crew does away with the regular show and instead plays a One Sheet RPG called “Everyone iIs John”! It’s going to be a mess!  You can check out the rules here: https://jesterraiin.dropmark.com/167650/2976489  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/hopped-up-gaming-east/

Taggart and Torrens Episode 166.  This week we play a game, How Many? Donovan gets Kim Mitchell to play on a Tetley jingle. Plus, Orson Readinbacher reads great gift ideas from Seventeen Magazine.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/taggart-and-torrens/

Deep Water Church Podcast: How to be Brave – Week 3.  This week we dug deep into what it took for Moses to be brave – despite all the negative labels on his life.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/deep-water-church-podcast/

The High Button: Coady Lee, Dog Mushing & The Life You Want to Live.  Coady Lee​ joins The High Button​ to talk about his love for dog mushing and raising puppies to race. Taking care of 20 dogs at a time would seem stressful to most people, but Coady has found passion and drive with what he does and says he’ll be doing this for the rest of his life. Having a 300-mile race coming up, Coady and Justin talk about preparation and what the dogs need in order to last 300 miles.   https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-high-button/

The Spawn Chunks: Vanilla Twist. We illuminate our listeners with the first look at the lantern in Snapshot 18w46a, chunk mail about what coloured lighting might look like in Minecraft and a discussion on vanilla vs. modded as the lines are becoming blurry. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-spawn-chunks/

Sickboy Podcast: Painful Doormat: Provoked Vestibulodynia (Vulva Pain).  “This is going to get really intimate, really fast.” This week we are talking about the vagina! Specifically, a painful vagina. Michelle has spent her whole life experiencing an extremely sensitive and painful vulva. From excruciating “Q-tip tests”, to discomfort from tampons, to the near impossibility of sex, it’s been a rough road to recovery. The good news is, PVD can be treated! And spoiler alert – this episode has a happy ending.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/sickboy-podcast/

Yarmouth Wesleyan Church Sermons: Fisherman’s Service 2018 – Rev. AJ Plaizier.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/yarmouth-wesleyan-church-sermons/

The Coast: 25 for 25: 2015 with Cory Bowles & Megan Leslie.  Filmmaker, artist and all-around multihyphenate Cory Bowles is with us reflecting back on when the province killed Nova Scotia’s film tax credit. Then we phone up Megan Leslie to find out why Halifax’s former Member of Parliament left behind politics and the city after 2015’s federal election. All this, plus the city is rendered immobile by a hellacious winter, donairs become HRM’s official food, the Rainmen are no more, rich people behave badly and The Coast goes to the movies. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-coast-25-for-25/

The Derf and Deets Podcast: Under the Sheets: The 2018-2019 NHL Season Preview – Part I.  Here is go again, the kinda sort of mostly NHL Preview you have all been waiting which may be one of the worst things we have ever done. We start with the Central Division where Deets brings nothing to the table cause he is in a lull. Deets goes too far, previously enjoyed contraceptives and clued up on our File-A-Fax. Enjoy!!! https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-derf-and-deets-podcast/

Night and Day. “I have a big Irish melon” – Alanna.  Alanna and PJ finally get some time to release a new episode after a few busy weeks with kid activities, dog neutering, and just being flat out tired all the time! PJ gets pretty fired up in the What the Hell Is Wrong with People segment and Alanna does another stellar Night and Day Rapid Fire.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/night-and-day/


902 Brewcast: Serge, Serge, and Ben from CAVOK Brewing Co.  We sat down in the newly opened taproom with the guys from CAVOK to talk about the transition from small to big, opening a taproom, and starting packaging with contract brewing. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/902-brewcast/

Recruiting Masters. “Canadafootballchat.com presents the “Recruiting Masters”.  Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/recruiting-masters/

Food in Five.  A brief history of Chef’s knives.  All about knives. Different styles, where they come from and what to look for when buying knives.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

Changing the Narrative: Social Enterprise 101 ft. Stephanie Pronk. This week Stephanie Pronk, of the Social Enterprise Institute sits down with Terrence and Duane to learn all things social enterprise. We talk more about what a social enterprise is, how it works, how to create and operate one and how to change your current ways of doing business to be create more social, environmental or cultural impact. We also dispel some myths around social entrepreneurship and we talk of the work of social enterprises both in Atlantic Canada and around the globe.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/changing-the-narrative-podcast/

Boys Club Comedy Podcast: Celebration.  The Kid is indeed Alright. Travis is hot off his album taping and the two dissect his hot Sunday evening. Then they play a little audio from a proud fat girl, a maybe racist, PC Andy debuts on the podcast, and the two go back into talking about writing and having jokes come out on stage. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-boys-club/

The Drunk Files. I see alcohol in your future. Can you see into the future?? If not, let us tell you about this week’s topic; psychic predictions. This being one of our all-time unexplained, unsolved mysteries ever we decided to dive deep and explore stories of skeptics and believers. Once you dive down a rabbit hole it’s hard not to get caught up, so we’ve got little bit of fraud and a little bit of magic this week. You’re going to like this one, I saw it in my crystal ball.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-drunk-files/


Turn Me on Podcast: Groping For Trout.  We all know Shakespeare invented language, but do you know the alphabetical term for 69? Anyone every try anal without dated molasses?  Jeremie and Bryde reassure that blowies are sufficient for them if they’re sufficient for you. We talk to Cori, married and open, with children. Through the good times and the bad, this woman is not afraid to be vulnerable.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/turn-me-on-podcast/

InTalksicated Reviews: Ben Affection: Daredevil (2003).  The Men with all the fear are back! Corey and Norm dive into Oscar winner Ben Affleck’s adaptation of The Man without Fear 2003’s Daredevil, but not just one Daredevil film but two (Theatrical and Directors Cut), directed by the man who brought us Simon Birch! Our heroes answer questions like Do you remember Simon Birch? Do you remember Coolio? Do you remember how great till movie is? RIP Stan Lee.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/intalksicated-reviews/

Food in Five. How to make Bechamel Sauce. One of the five classic mother sauces Bechamel is versatile and delicious. Learn all about it and its derivative sauces right here.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

Zen Nova Scotia: Dogen’s Guidelines for Studying the Way (12 of 13) – Practice Throughout the Way.  Talk #12 from our series on Dogen’s “Guidelines for Studying the Way.” https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/zen-nova-scotia/

Magic Time Podcast: Opening Week.  It was a great start to the regular season as the Moncton Magic took both ends of a home and home with the Halifax Hurricanes and took care of things in a physical affair with the Cape Breton Highlanders at the Avenir Centre.  We also look ahead to the team’s trip to St. John’s to battle the Edge.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/magic-time-podcast/

Recruiting Masters. “Canadafootballchat.com presents the “Recruiting Masters”.  Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/recruiting-masters/


Living Heritage: Nancy Brace of the Green’s Harbour Heritage Society on the Importance of Our Heritage Buildings.  Nancy Brace is the president of the Green’s Harbour Heritage Society in Green’s Harbour, Newfoundland. The Society formed in 2009 and its original mission was to preserve one the few heritage buildings in the community, the former Orange Lodge (now the ARCH Center). In this episode, Nancy talks about the Society’s current project, preserving the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, which was built in 1880 and reconsecrated in 2016, and her personal connection to the heritage buildings in her community. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/living-heritage/

Food in Five. A brief history of smoked salmon. From native Americans, to ancient Vikings, to 7th century Poland, the process of smoking salmon remains largely unchanged. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about smoked salmon.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

The Citadel Cafe: Shetland Nine-Nine.  Megan is here to talk about how Brooklyn Nine-Nine balances comedy and social commentary while Joel is investigating crime in Scotland with Series 2 of Shetland. And, Mickey Mouse turned 90! https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/the-citadel-cafe/

Healthy Alternatives: Emotional Eating, Mental and Physical Trauma with Bethany Perry.  Listen to Dr. Christine and Bethany Perry talk about emotional and physical trauma, brain health, and more. Bethany transforms the lives of women and men who are challenged with emotional and physical traumas.  Her clients often come for weight loss, emotional eating, stress, anxiety, and PTSD.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/healthy-alternatives/

Boiling Point Podcast: Seth Godin says Perfectionists Are Cowards. Here’s Why.  In this episode: Dave, Greg, and Seth talk about the placebo effect and how powerful it can be.  Seth talks about the benefits of brainstorming exercises.  He also talks about why being a perfectionist is incredibly flawed.  Seth talks about the importance of committing your time to learning. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/boiling-point/

InTalksicated. 100 Pounds Lighter. Excited to welcome 2nd time guest Heather back to the podcast! This time we are talking all about weight loss surgery! Heather had a gastric by-pass in April and in this episode, she sheds light on the many changes and challenges (emotional and physical) she is facing since the surgery, including new food aversions, exercising moderation, misconceptions about weight loss surgery and adjusting to new confidence levels. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/intalksicated-podcast/


Pickle Planet Podcast: The Play Cafe Story.  Curiosity is a natural instinct. It’s not uncommon to find yourself wondering about what’s happening in another person’s life, especially when you come to feel like you know the person, even if your relationship is…   https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/pickle-planet-podcast/

Food in Five. Everything I know About Stew.  No matter what type of stew you want to make there are a few hard and fast rules that remain true. Here is everything I know about stew.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

First Down Sports. NFL – Rams, Chiefs, and Bills OH My!! Here is this week’s NFL Podcast as we discuss the big Monday Night game between the Chiefs and the Rams, as well as some big match ups this weekend, some power rankings and we start MVP discussions!! Enjoy!!  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/first-down-sports-podcast/


3 Player Co-Op: 76 Reasons Not To.  Coming up this week on the show: Cross play is coming to Paladins for Xbox and Switch Is there a discless xbox one on the horizon? We discuss the COD Companion App There are new additions to Xbox Game Pass Fallout 76 is scoring lower than No Man’s Sky did at launch Someone has finally done what nobody else has been able to do.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/three-player-co-op/

Recruiting Masters. “Canadafootballchat.com presents the “Recruiting Masters”. Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/recruiting-masters/

Food in Five. Questions of The Week Ep. 6. This week I will be answering the most common questions I get asked.  https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/food-in-five/

Dal AC Rams Roundup.  Sarah van den Heuvel. Sarah is a 2nd year Engineering student at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus. She’s the captain of the Dal AC women’s volleyball squad, she loves horses and she wants to save the planet! And Sam Nichols. Sam is in her 2nd year of Business at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus. She’s from the Annapolis Valley, loves kids and has picked an apple or two in her life. https://podcastatlantic.com/podcast/dal-ac-rams-roundup/

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