Issue 2, Sept. 23, 2018

Welcome to Podcast Atlantic: This Week.  It’s a chance to see what you may have missed in the past week and an opportunity to download or stream the latest episode of your favourite Atlantic Canadian podcast.  Here we go.


Hopped-Up Gaming: East. Bath Bog – After many weeks, Ben has escaped the iPad and returns for another episode of Hopped-Up Gaming: East! This week Matthew rushes to finish God of War, Ben reflects on life with roommates, Tim talks about his Dark Souls tree climbing, and Evan closes the book on Dark Souls 2. There’s also a show topic about everyone’s early experiences with beer! Beer featured this week: Robinsons Brewery Trooper Hallowed and Garrison’s NitWit.

Night and Day.  Patrick Vellner Episode “Hmmm…maybe if you’re into, you know, super cute, smart, fit AF athletes” In this episode we had the extreme pleasure (especially Alanna) of talking to the 2018 2nd Fittest Man on Earth, Patrick Vellner. We talk about his amazingly fast rise to success as a CrossFit Games athlete, his ability to battle back from adversity, his thoughts on the upcoming changes to the 2019 CrossFit Games, and we also play a little Night and Day Rapid Fire. As always, we have our “What the hell is wrong with people” segment and we may also have stuck a small surprise at the end.

The Coast 25 FOR 25 PODCAST.  Street Cents (Jamie Bradley, Benita Ha, Brian Heighton and Jonathan Torrens), The (almost)original cast of Street Cents reunites to share old stories and reflect back on one of the best Canadian television shows ever produced. Plus, arts editor Stephanie Johns tells us what it was like working the Beef line for CBC. If that wasn’t enough, we talk Sunday shopping, police horses, the Junos and Peter Duffy’s ghostly encounter.

The Peter and Oliver Podcast: Schiphol Massage Edition.  We are heading home and recorded a quick podcast here in Schiphol Airport after going through security. Security passage, as you will hear, was greatly aided by advance planning: last week I contacted Condor, our “host” airline, requesting assistance for Oliver. They responded with a “DPNA” PDF file that I could print out that identified Oliver as a flyer-with-autism, and instructed me to print it out and show it along the way.

Taggart and Torrens.  This week The Sports Dicks! The Top 4 Dorm Jams, and dish soap ducks!

Elwood City Limits Episode 76: Digested by Clam Juice. We’re back! Lucas is back to school, and Will is hard at work, and both the boys are ready to take on the Emmy-winning season 5 of Arthur…first, in “Arthur & The Big Riddle”, much is made of Alex Trebek’s guest spot, as well as the show “Jep!”…then, in “Double Dare”, the boys reminisce about the days of skippin’ school and peer pressure. Plus, Arthur characters’ favorite Lonely Island songs, and a call for submissions!

The High Button – Aaron Berisha, London Knights & Toronto.  Aaron Berisha​ Joins the High Button​ to talk about his amazing junior hockey career, teammates and memories he’s made. From winning a Memorial Cup in London to now playing at SMU, Aaron talks about what he’s learned from his hockey career and his transition from Junior to AUS. Summers in Toronto and his first Halifax visit, some great stories on this one.

Left Behind Podcast. Tina Fontaine Part 2.  Tina Fontaine was a 15-year-old child that faced a great deal of heartache in her short life. Her mother was absent for most of her life. Her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer with months to live. However, her father was brutally murdered. She was unable to cope with her father’s death.

Derf and Deets Podcast.  Molson Canadian House Party.  Derf & Deets work security at a outdoor concert and they put one arm in the air and wave it like no one gives a ….

The Night Time Podcast. The Search for Ryan Shtuka.  When 20 year old Ryan Shtuka stepped out of his comfort zone and embarked on an adventure with a close friend their plan wasn’t anything risky or dangerous.. it was quite simple. They’d spend the winter in the mountains of British Columbia working at one of Canada’s most beautiful ski resorts.  But as it turned out, something went wrong; no one knows what exactly. What we do know is that his family, his friends, and an army of volunteers have been searching tirelessly hoping to find him, or any trail he may have left after leaving a house party during the early morning hours of Feb 17th.  In this episode we hear the story of the life, the disappearance, and the search for Ryan Shtuka. Told by one of the people leading the search for him: his mother Heather Shtuka.


The Recruiting Masters – “ presents the “Recruiting Masters” Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”

Natural Born Coaches. April Beach: Building a “SweetLife” as an Entrepreneur. April Beach is a business development strategist for lifestyle entrepreneurs with kids (since 2002). She consults clients through Entrepreneurship by Design™ to build an intentional business that delivers time, location, impact and family freedom. She’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to launch their business from scratch and welcomed thousands more through her online programs.

Food in Five. A Brief History of Animal Crackers. For over 200 years kids have been playing with their food and getting away with it. This is the story of Animal Crackers.

The Spawn Chunks 007: Structures and Speculation. Joel addresses an important artistic point brought up in Chunk Mail and Pixlriffs leads a discussion on Minecraft generated structures. From villages to woodland mansions, jungle temples and shipwrecks, we discuss current structures and speculate on new ones.

Riding in Cars with Cats.  The Perfect Post.  Is there such a thing as the “perfect post”? How many brands or people on social media are being their “authentic self”? This week we answer this question and ask a few more as we talk about perfection, authenticity and what we SHOULD be doing with our lives.

3 Player Co-Op Episode 231 – Number One in Bostonia.  Check out our audience survey and make our shows better!  Extra Life Charity is back this year and we are back for it. PUBG being temporarily downgraded on Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 demo discussion Philips Hue Sync totally changed my gaming Hints seem to point to Halo Infinite having microtransactions Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores has been delayed COD BLOPS 4 Blackout review and console comparison Forsaken review D2 Last Wish raid.

Under the Hood.  My Story of Bankruptcy.

Sickboy. Half Naked and Delirious – Chronic Edema & Sepsis. You know what sucks? Cellulitis, Chronic Edema and Varicose Veins. Think about it… Constant swelling in your feet and legs. An inability to pump blood from your extremities. The need to wear cumbersome compression socks. But you know what sucks even more? A priapism. So, things could always be worse. Our friend and member of PEI’s Racoon Bandit, Fraser, pops by to talk about his struggles with Chronic Edema! Stay tuned to the very end to hear a full play through of the Racoon Bandit song, Twist in The Wind based off of the night Fraser, suffering from sepsis and a wild fever, almost flung himself out his apartment window.


Food in Five.  Autumn; A Love Story. Autumn is only a few short days away and with it comes so many of my favorite things.

Changing the Narrative. The CGS Squad is in the Building ft. Joseph Huyer. On this week’s episode, Lauren and Terrence chat with The Social Shift Documentary filmmaker and fellow member of the Common Good Solutions team, Joseph Huyer. We learn about the ups and downs of creating a documentary, driving across Canada in an RV, self love, rural and urban business development and we tease the next documentary in both Joseph and Terrence’s filmmaking careers. Enjoy!

Turn Me On. Diet C*nt.  Feist wrote a song about anal. Guylene is a giver and wants to learn how to receive. B+J chat with Joshua “L’il Sprain” Dobbs. You know what I mean? Josh, Joshua, Joshua Dobbs, Jeremie has one question, do people assume you’re freaky in bed because you have face tattoos?   Music:  Sorrey – My Fault Rich Aucoin – Brian Wilson Is A.L.i.V.E.

Startup Canada. Disruption in the Dining Room with Chris Snoyer. Chris Snoyer is disrupting restaurant hustle and bustle and improving kitchens and dining rooms across Canada. A corporate sales manager turned restaurant tech entrepreneur, Chris knows the impact technology can have on a restaurant’s front line.

Recruiting Masters.  “ presents the “Recruiting Masters”.  Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”,

Lens Me Your Ears! ‘Everything’s FIN’ – A look at the 2018 FIN Atlantic International Film Festival.  Stephen & Carsten have been a fixture at this year’s Atlantic International Film Festival and in this episode, they discuss some of their favs from this year’s programming!

The Warp Whistle Nintendo Podcast. Lauren Wants A Switch! This week Mark is joined by his wife Lauren to talk about the recent Nintendo Direct and how it finally convinced her to get a Switch!


Food in Five. How to cook…   Today I answer Google’s top five how to cook questions. How to cook lobster, mussels, quinoa, corn on the cob, and scallops.

Recruiting Masters. “ presents the “Recruiting Masters” Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”

Zen Nova Scotia.  Dogen’s “Guidelines for Studying the Way” (2 of 13) – Enlightenment, Fame, Profit.  Talk #2 from our series on Dogen’s “Guidelines for Studying the Way.” (Hint from the title: one of these things is not like the others.)

The Citadel Cafe: Taudriel.  Joel sits down with Twitch broadcaster Taudriel to talk about her experiences as a content creator on and off mic, and her superbly kind and welcoming community, the TaudSquad.

Hafilax Podcast. Natalie Lynn.  Natalie and Ryan stopped by to chat about their upcoming tour, the success of their latest single “Company” and everything in between.


Food in Five. A brief history of lemonade. Did lemonade save Paris from the plague? How do those crazy Egyptians enjoy their lemonade? This and more in a brief history of lemonade.

Health Matters.  Matters that Matter to Young People.  Listen to Dr. Christine and Luke Ettinger discuss young people, prejudices of “older” people and the LGBTQ+ community. Does being gay still carry a stigma? Is it easier nowadays for young people to “come out”? Luke is a student of radio broadcasting and more and has been a summer student at 97.5 CIOE-FM community radio. He is openly gay and discusses how he discovered that he was, and the prejudices still present these days.

Intalksicated Reviews. A totally underprepared recap of the 2018 Emmys.  Hey, did you watch the Emmys? we sure didn’t but we are going to recap them anyway. The Awards, the hosts, the fashion, and the fact that Atlanta was robbed! We go through all the winners, and all the losers, and talk about how Atlanta got robbed! So, join us till the music plays us off, Did I mention Atlanta was robbed!

In the Storyhouse. The Fundamentals of Blogging Success – Listener Q & A.  In this episode, we go over the five most common questions and concerns we hear from members of Team Storyhouse how to find a business partner what does it mean to be a consistent blogger how to find traffic sources tactics for growing your audience how to find and maintain a creative groove Plus 6to6 SUMMIT Tickets are still on sale. Code EARLYBIRD is in effect until September 30th.

lol u r gay. Let’s Reboot Hollywood Squares!  Lisa and Adam talk back-to-school shopping, Beanie Babies and who they would cast in a reboot of the 90s gameshow “Hollywood Squares”!

Living Heritage. Heritage and Environmental Conservation with Megan Stuckless.  Megan Stuckless began working with Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2007. As the current Programs Manager, she finds great value in being able to support and advance the goals of the organization. In this episode, Megan talks about the intersections between heritage and environmental conservation, and the different job and internship opportunities with the CCNL. Special thank you to the CCNL, which made the Living Heritage Podcast Broadcast Assistant position possible.

Pickle Planet Podcast: Parenting and Pot.  Adult recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in Canada on October 17, 2018 – and according to a survey commission by Moncton-based Organigram, parents in Atlantic Canada are feeling the most prepared to talk with.


Food in Five.  Hello Fresh Meal-Kit Review.  From box to belly, here is what I think about Hello Fresh.

Recruiting Masters.  “ presents the “Recruiting Masters” Daily updates, recruiting tips and interviews focused on Canadian football recruiting”.

InTalksicated. Food Drunk with Moxey Munchies.  It’s all about FOOD this week! So excited to welcome food lover & YouTuber Moxey Munchies to the podcast! We hang out and chat about how she got into YouTube, our food habits/tastes, and what it’s like to create content around indulgence! Around 1:12:00 we do a mini mukbang with all my fave nostalgic snacks!

Under the Hood. Does Your Vision for The Future Get You Fired Up Enough? Does your vision for the future get you fired up enough?

Big Game Sports Radio. Karlee Duval is a rookie with the UNBSJ Women’s Soccer team, but the Seawolves striker is playing like a veteran.


Maritime Gardening Podcast. Your garden is a Gym. I hear many people say that they don’t have time to garden, but I rarely hear people say that they don’t have time to exercise. Here’s the thing: keeping a garden IS exercise; but of course, you get so much more out of garden than wasting time on a tread mill. Cancel your over-priced, low value gym membership, and have listen as a talk about all the benefits of keeping a garden!

Big Game Sports Radio. Valley Wildcats vs Fundy Thunder Nova Scotia Minor Midget Hockey League action from Truro, Nova Scotia.

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