Boos & Bourbon

Have you ever been fascinated by the paranormal and want to hear about encounters that have happened to real life people? Need a drink to help calm those nerves after hearing some scary stories? Well you’re in luck because the co-hosts Kim Moser & Jen Taylor will be drinking and reviewing some of their favourite whiskies throughout every show. Join them weekly for a hilarious new round of questions in their favourite game “Would You Rather?” You will hear from special guests and also stories from you, the listeners. They invite you to write in and share your own paranormal encounters or whisky tales, so be sure to tune in and hear your stories featured on the show.

Hosts: Kim Moser & Jen Taylor

Location: NS

Website: https://www.abvnetwork.com/boos-and-bourbon?fbclid=IwAR25m4T7k6oR0CmkrGWoUjaGWYiXqXwIxwJ6ptGAvDb_c_HuBO1t3BGBY0o

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