Coming September 8th, 2021 – The Benvie Podcasts: Success Stories Unveiled

Podcast Atlantic is proud to be a part of this inspiring podcast.

“We are tired of seeing awesome people get duped by fitness fads, scams, influencers and downright lies.   Improving your health can be overwhelming and confusing but we are here to make it more simple. Hey everyone, my name is Matt Benvie and I am one half of the twin duo Matt & Mitch from The Benvie Podcast: Success Stories Unveiled.

For 12 years we’ve been helping real people get real results in Halifax and across Canada at our gym Evolve Fitness. We love country music and we really love helping people build their fitness goals around their life with a plan that they can stick to forever. This show is going to feature interviews with our biggest success stories, success stories from our friends in the industry and experts in all health related fields.  You’ll be inspired by hearing from people just like you and learning how they overcame life’s obstacles to make fitness and health a priority without giving up all the things they love.

Be sure to follow us on apple podcasts, Spotify and google and tune in to episode 1 on September 8th.”

Matt Benvie, President – Evolve Fitness


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August 21, 2021

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