Welcome to DIG THIS – An archaeology podcast for good. Kind of like Indiana Jones…if he was a woman…more ethical…gave a shit about the people whose belongings he was stealing…and was actually doing real archaeological work. Ok. Nothing like Indiana Jones.  Every Wednesday, Jenny Botica and Amanda Marshall have a laugh, cry, or howl at the moon over lessons learned during their 20+ years as archeologists, business owners, partners, and moms. Fearless and fierce conversations that focus on the state of their discipline, their company, their lives… and ask some hard questions.  How do we decolonize our practice?  How does our work support Indigenous communities in their goals for heritage sovereignty?  How do we keep our company on a sustainable path for growth while supporting the professional goals of our team?  How do we achieve all this AND sustain a balanced life?  If you’re an archaeologist, anthropologist, environmentalist, conservationist, or industry leader who sees the need for change; an Indigenous trailblazer working towards cultural and heritage sovereignty; or a woman leading a business (or aspiring to!) – then DIG THIS is your podcast.

Hosts: Jenny Botica and Amanda Marshall

Location: NS

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/dig-this/id1583035439

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