Half A Star

Welcome to Half A Star: where bad ideas make great stories! Hosts Justin and Benton are lifelong friends and share a common love of half a star stories – experiences that are born out of a bad idea that leads to a great story. How bad of an idea does it have to be? Imagine an idea so bad it doesn’t even warrant a full star rating. Justin and Ben interview guests from across the world to share their own remarkable half a star stories – guests including writers, musicians, comedians, entertainers, difference-makers, and even reality TV stars. Bad ideas never felt so good.

 Hosts: Justin Shaw and Benton Hartley

Location: PEI

Website: https://anchor.fm/halfastarpodcast

iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/half-a-star-the-half-assed-podcast/id1508939647

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