Mental Health – Let’s Talk About It!

Charlene is a Child and Youth Care Practitioner who completed her Master of Arts in Child and Youth Study before instructing at the University and vocational level and becoming certified as a Social and Emotional Intelligence coach. Charlene began hosting Mental Health-Let’s Talk About it! in 2016. Shows air Monday night at 9 pm Atlantic on CIOE 97.5 FM. The objective of the show; provide diverse individuals a voice and potentially empower others.

Charlene is the owner of, Pick Empowerment and offers a unique process, co-creating success strategies to reach an individual or group goals. The process will leave individuals with an enhanced, awareness of self and other, as well as, self and other management skills. You need to maintain mental health well-being to attain success!

 Be empowered!

Host: Charlene Pickrem

Location: NS





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