The Mess


Welcome to the Mess: 150 years of Cape Breton Highlander tradition.  For the last 150 years, the Cape Breton Highlanders have welcomed men and women from all walks of life into our ranks. Together, we have protected the lives and homes of Canadians across the country in conflicts such as World War I, World War II, and the War in Afghanistan. We have also preserved a fierce and passionate Highland-Scot tradition through their colours, tartans, songs, and stories. The Cape Breton Highlanders are undeniably an important thread in the tapestry of Cape Breton Island.  We have built a strong comradery among our ranks over the last 150 years and now, we want to share that with you. My name is Jason Doyle and I am honoured to welcome to you our Mess Hall, where our history, traditions, and stories are passed onto the next generation of Highlanders.  This podcast will commemorate the accounts of Highlanders past and present, and hopefully inspire future Highlanders to join our ranks. Join us in our celebration of 150 years of the Cape Breton Highlanders!


Host: Jason Doyle

Location: NS

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