The Rite Good Podcast

The final type of conversation, akin to listening, is a form of mutual exploration. It requires true reciprocity on the part of those listening and speaking. It allows all participants to express and organize their thoughts. A conversation of mutual exploration has a topic, generally complex, of genuine interest to the participants. Everyone participating is trying to solve a problem, instead of insisting on the a priori validity of their own positions. All are acting on the premise that they have something to learn. This kind of conversation constitutes active philosophy, the highest form of thought, and the best preparation for proper living.” – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

“The Rite Good podcast is a new and fitting addition to the Podcast Atlantic Registry. It is the recording of genuine conversation between maritimers of many sorts.

Guests include the likes of Beer Brewers, Musicians, Teachers, Business Owners, Yoga Instructors, Carpenters, Roofers, Military Members, and a slew of other folks.  The Rite Good Goal is to record the type of aforementioned conversations as much as possible.

We hope to engage listeners in deep and provocative dialogue, the kind of life changing conversation where all participants are gifted more understanding, or perhaps, more profound questions. In this manner, participants are shaping themselves and the other through the delicate process of articulating their own incredible, unique, and individual experience of life.

All folks involved, if they truly listen, become a broader person as a result. “

Host(s): Taran Murray. Occasionally Robin Pyke and Anton Leonardo.

Location: NS




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