Three Possible Reason’s You Are Not Ready to Start a Podcast.

Since Podcast Atlantic was founded almost three years ago (WOW), there has been a definite upswing in new podcasts being produced in Atlantic Canada as well as the world.  Some of these new podcasts have enjoyed success and other’s have fallen flat.  Those that did not gain an audience where likely not ready to start their podcast. Let’s take a look at a few of the reason’s why they were not ready to pull the trigger.

1. Not Enough Time

Sure, in some rare cases you will come across that podcaster whose success has just fallen into their lap. They purchased the minimum amount of equipment needed, sit down once a week and talk.  And some how, the audience loved it.  It happens.

But the reality is that producing a weekly or even bi-weekly/monthly podcast takes effort.  You must be prepared to work up to 10+ hours a week to prepare, record and edit the podcast.  And then, after that you have to promote the living hell out of it. If you don’t have the time to do the work, it will show in the product and you will soon find excuses not to produce.

2. Doing it by Yourself

Once again, our Podcasting “Star” we spoke of earlier was able to do the bare minimum and gain success all by themselves but for most podcasters that will never be the case.  You need a team.

Having support from friends, family and like thinking people is invaluable. When you are a team of two, three or one hundred, you can divide up the work. Maybe one person on the team loves research?  Well that’s a big load off your mind. Another person might just want to concentrate on the technical side if things.  That’s a huge plus for many first-time podcasters. Technology is what scares most beginners.  Either way, if you are doing this by yourself you are more likely to give up early in the game.

3. Podcasting Is Not Your Passion

Those with successful podcasts are likely always talking about podcasting to everyone they meet. In the last few years podcasting has become increasingly more popular and one of the reason’s why is that many people see and experience the benefit of the medium. The topic speaks to the listener and they come back for more.  Not only that, but they tell their friends to check it out as well.

If you decided to create a podcast as a lark, then your content will fail. Are you really into the topic or did you think that maybe the audience would like it? The audience is very smart, and they know what they like. It is very easy to “hear” that someone is not passionate about what they are saying. You won’t grow your audience and you will get frustrated and quit.

So now what?

Remember, this article talks about how you may not be ready to produce a podcast.  I am suggesting that you take your time when you are rolling that podcasting idea around in your noggin.  If you can, reach out to others who are podcasting and talk to them about how they do it.  Some podcasters may even let you shadow them for learning purposes.  Maybe you will become a part of someone else’s team.  That would be a great learning experience.

Regardless, good luck and happy listening.

Michael Boyd – Podcast Atlantic 

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