What’s in a Logo?

Have you given any thought about what your logo should look like?  It is proven that podcast listeners respond to well produced, cleaver or obvious logos.  In other words, make sure your logo sells your podcast am much as the content will.  After all, just as a book should not be judged by its cover, most podcasts are judged by their logos.

You can go various directions.  You can pay a graphic artist to create you logo.  You can find many persons online, including Fiverr where you can have graphic artists bid on creating your logo.  If you don’t want to play for a logo you can try designing one on your own.  Canva is a wonderful, free program that lets you and your imagination run wild.

The most important thing about your logo is that it states as clear as possible what listeners might expect each episode.  Check out these great articles on creating logos.




So get out their and create that logo for your new podcast or get a new logo for your existing one.

Happy Casting.


Posted on

May 31, 2021

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