It’s been just over 3 months since Podcast Atlantic was launched and the directory began adding podcasts produced out of Atlantic Canada.  The idea here is to offer one spot where regional storytellers can be listed together.  It’s a way to support that talent and for that talent to support each other.  Some people wonder if these podcasts are about Atlantic Canada.  Sure, some of them promote local events, sports teams, travel destinations, etc.  But most of them are about passions.  The wonderful thing about podcasts is that there is something out there for everyone.

As of the writing of this blog post there are 69 podcasts listed on the directory.  My goal is to crack 100 before the end of summer or before.  You can help.  Do you know of any Atlantic Canadian produced podcasts out there that are not listed on the site?  I have a list of some podcast that I would like to add.  If you know the producers/host, give them a nudge my way.

Here is the list:

Taggart & Torrens    Living Between Wednesdays     Trailer Park Boys Podcast      The Citadel Café      Flaw in the Iris    Halifax Examiner

Dog Island    Zen Nova Scotia    Fall Back Up with Jordi Morgan    Nova Scotia Kitchens    NeurodiveCast     Sherri & Carrie’s Real Estate Café

The Ryan and Dave Show    Comedy East  Something Funny     Q & A The HEPAC Podcast    Awesome Entrepreneurs of Saint John, NB

The Stronger U Podcast    North of Newfoundland    Rural Routes

I am sure that I have missed some, so if you know of any or if you are starting your own podcast please reach out.

Happy casting.

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