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Power of Procurement with Nicole Verkindt – February 18th 2020

Buying local doesn’t only mean customers from your community, it also means thinking big corporate as well! A topic that Nicole Verkindt, Founder and CEO of the OMX, breathes fire on.

Nicole Verkindt is the Founder & CEO of Canadian technology company, OMX ( OMX is a powerful procurement platform specialized in driving socio-economic returns. The platform measures local spend and socio-economic impacts, including ESGs, or Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance indicators, and other sustainability metrics. Previously, she led a global, high tech manufacturing business.

She was also a “Dragon” on CBC’s Next Gen Dragon’s Den, which was dedicated to early stage technology businesses. She was named Startup Canada’s national woman entrepreneur of the year in 2017 and received the Canadian Advanced Technology Peter Brojde award for Next Generation leadership.

“We’re constantly talking supply chains as opportunities to do better for your local community, but it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.”

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, Nicole discusses the importance of procurement from local companies to big business, and how startups can find their place in massive supply chains.

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