EP445: Don’t Build a Business, Build a World

Queens of business know that we are not actually building a business, we are building a world. And this mindset is so critical when it comes to creating a Jewel Business, one that uses the 30-30-30 concept we talked about last week to garner more CIA.

We coach our clients on developing this mindset so they can stop waiting for permission and finally step up and lead. Do you want to be a minion in someone else’s world or the queen of your own domain?

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Shifting into this mindset is the first step to building a jewel business. Before we talk about any of the tactical milestones you want to hit, we need to discuss the way you think about yourself, your service, and what you want.

In today’s episode, I walk you through why women can sometimes struggle to step into leadership because of our conditioning and how you can rework your mindset to overcome that. I invite you to get into this energy with me, set your boundaries, and create the laws in your world. I’ll also show you some of the ways we do this in my business and how other successful companies grow their worlds. Remember, you aren’t meant to be a lady in waiting; you’re a queen.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What a jewel business is and the 30-30-30 concept.
  • The most important mindset shift you can make as an entrepreneur.
  • How many women are conditioned to think and behave.
  • The difference between running a business and running a world.
  • Some examples of successful companies building worlds (including mine).
  • How to get clear on your boundaries and set the laws in your world.

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