EP447: Build Your CEO Confidence with Alex Davidson

Are you confident in yourself as the CEO of your business? Most women entrepreneurs think they need nonstop leads, cash in the bank account, and the dream team to have confidence in themselves as CEOs. Actually, the opposite is true.

When I talk about CEO confidence, I immediately think about my guest in today’s show. Alex Davidson is the CEO and Managing Director of Davidson London, and she’s one of my clients. We’re going on a deep dive into how Alex built her CEO confidence and how it affects her leadership.

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If you are running a company and you want to see six, seven, and multiple seven figure growth, you need what Alex has. If you want to build an incredible team, transform your relationship with yourself, and become the leader your future business needs, you need CEO confidence.

Tune in today to hear my discussion with Alex about what it was like ascending in a family business, leading a mega successful team, and how she cultivated her confidence as a CEO. We get into all the nitty gritty parts of being a women entrepreneur- resilience when things go wrong, being willing to bet on yourself, and making time to take care of yourself. I guarantee this episode will inspire and empower you to step up your confidence game, and I can’t wait for you to prove me right.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • How Alex started in her family business and then ascended to CEO.
  • Why Alex believes that dyslexia is a power.
  • How Alex restores her confidence when times are tough.
  • What drives her ambition and motivation today.
  • Why consistency is crucial for leading a team.
  • The role coaching has played in Alex’s life and business.

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