EP448: How to Convince Your 1:1 Clients To Buy Your Group Programs

When I had my first company, I was the only asset. So when I stopped working, the money stopped, and my business was left vulnerable. As a female entrepreneur, if you find yourself in a similar position, then take a step back to evaluate your strategy and get ready to do something about it!

After I made this mistake in my first business, I decided never to make the same mistake again and to educate other women entrepreneurs on building a business based on their assets, not their hustle. A great way to do this? Building group programs into your business strategy.

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There are so many ways you can build group programs and customize them to your business. Instead of working through all of these, I want to equip you with tips and strategies to progress mentally and strategically as you begin to implement your new plan.

Tune in today to figure out how to grow revenue, explode profits, and come out with more free time than before. I provide you with seven super practical tips on how to sell and build group programs. In the end, you need to ask yourself how open you are to growth and how big will you allow yourself to be?

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why group programs should be an integral part of your business model.
  • What makes group programs so functional.
  • How to cultivate your enthusiasm and reduce your fear when it comes to making the transition.
  • What to do to position and sell your group programs as a bonus.
  • How to use pricing as a conversion strategy.
  • Ways you can build your offer awareness.
  • Why and how to build your authority.
  • How to rewire your mind to accept the power of group programs.

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