EP449: 3 Reasons Your 1:1 Clients Won’t Work With Your Team Members

If you want to scale your business so you can generate revenue without working 24/7, learning how to integrate team members who do what you do is critical. But how do you convince your clients to work with those team members when they come to your company to work with you?

Last week we talked about scaling your business through group programs, and today we’re continuing the conversation by talking about scaling your business through team. This isn’t about operational team members who are also very important; it’s about team members who do what you do.

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When you’re the only one your clients trust to deliver their services, not only do you stunt your company’s growth, but you put yourself on the fast track to burnout. No matter how much you love providing 1:1 service yourself, it’s not sustainable.

This week, I explore 3 common mistakes I see CEOs making that deter their clients from wanting to work with other team members. When you get clear on these mistakes and how you might be making them, you can start the journey of growth required to effectively elevate your team members in the eyes of your clients. I walk you through some tactical changes you can start making to get on the path to 7-figure growth.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why it might be time to scale your business beyond you.
  • What it means to scale your business through team.
  • How to find personal fulfillment outside your 1:1 clients.
  • How to set your team up for success when doing what you do.
  • The key to establishing authority in your marketplace.

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