EP454: How to 10X the Power of Your Content Marketing with Ross Simmonds

Are you leveraging the full potential of your content marketing? Here’s the thing: most people are not. If you podcast, blog, or create any form of content, you need to listen to this episode. Oh, and you’re welcome.

The power of content marketing comes from being able to transform a lead you have into a buyer. When you combine effective content creation with an effective distribution strategy, you can 10X your content marketing strategy.

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Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Ross Simmonds, also known as “Sherlock Homeboy.” He has been a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur since he was about eight years old. Ross Simmonds does many things, including working as the Founder and CEO of Foundation Inc.

Ross and I talk about the power that comes with creating quality content and the way that it can build your brand’s authority and reach. Whether or not you are reaching out into a saturated market, it is important to remember that yours might be the only gospel that someone can hear. Get ready to be heard!

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • The five key factors that make people want to share your content.
  • How to develop a content creation cadence.
  • Why it is essential to make sure your online properties work together.
  • What a content distribution strategy is and how to create one for yourself.
  • How to use content creation to build brand authority.
  • Why quality content is so important, not just quantity.
  • How to stand out from the crowd in a saturated market.

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