EP415: How to SELL HARD (Without Hurting Your Reputation)

Have you ever looked at the competition in your industry and noticed that your following, database, or subscriber list is way smaller than everyone else’s? You want to make more sales, but don’t want to ruin your reputation with those high-pressure sales tactics. Don’t worry, help is on the way.

When I transitioned into coaching, selling wasn’t easy. Quite frankly, it was like a whole new language. I quickly learned that selling hard isn’t about being pushy or forcing people into joining your lists. It’s about structure and positioning.

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I use a lot of basketball references in this episode to explain the importance of positioning in your business. Rebounders in the game are always looking for where the shot is coming from and where it’s going to bounce to. Then, it’s about positioning yourself to catch the rebound. In this way and many others, basketball is a lot like sales.

In this episode, I’m sharing how you can sell harder without ruining your reputation with high-pressure sales tactics. You don’t have to feel gross about selling if you understand how to position your offers in a way that ascends your customers from one level to the next. I’m talking about setting yourself up to get the rebound, releasing the pressure you put on yourself to sell harder, and ascension creation. The things I share today are some of the ways I was able to build a seven-figure business with a much smaller list than most of my colleagues. I did it, so I know you can too.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why rebounding in basketball is just like positioning yourself for a sale.
  • How mastering positioning is crucial for success in sports and in business.
  • How to position yourself correctly for the sale.
  • The importance of knowing our customers’ next-level wants.
  • What creation ascension is and how to plan out milestones.
  • The gorgeous organization principle that allows you to sell hard consistently.

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