The 4 Step Speaker Protocol That Helps Monique Bryan Make $60K+ Per Year From UNPAID Speaking Gigs

There are lots of individual components involved in building strong personal branding, but Eleanor’s guest this week believes speaking is the best way to leverage your brand. 



Monique Bryan is a personal branding coach for entrepreneurs, where she helps small business owners who haven’t quite figured out how to get people to take notice of their brand market themselves better. Monique has learned how to maximize the long-term marketing and brand-building firepower of speaking gigs, whether it’s a podcast, virtual event, or live on stage, and she’s giving you a masterclass in elevating your marketing. Listen in this week as Monique offers her four-step speaker protocol that helps her make $60K in additional revenue from unpaid speaking gigs.



Get full show notes and more information here: https://safimedia.co/WO6

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