EP435: How Scarcity Mindset Feeds Business Complexity

We’ve made it to the end of the mega year that is 2020 and many of you are thinking about how to make 2021 a growth year. You want to make it a departure, a powerful year, a fun year. Well, the one way to do that is by reducing complexity.

Complexity creeps into your life and business in very subtly, sneaky ways. Before you know it, an onboarding process that could be done in 13 steps suddenly takes over 100. That’s what happened to me until I learned how to reduce complexity.

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You won’t make 2021 your biggest growth year by going faster and doing more. That frenetic, unfocused energy just amplifies inefficiency and allows complexity to move in. The thing you need to do requires patience and deliberation.

Today on the podcast, I expose the master of business complexity, scarcity mindset, for what it is and delve into why so many smart businesswomen fall into this trap. Operating from a place of lack, fear, and not enough makes your business processes more complex. If you want to really streamline your processes and create a clear path to growth, you must reduce complexity. And in this episode, I show you exactly how to do that.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • How I cut out 87% of the complexity in my onboarding process.
  • Why scaling your business also includes scaling the complexity.
  • Why it has to be you, the CEO, who makes the cuts.
  • What contributes to business complexity in the first place.
  • How the opposite of scarcity isn’t abundance.
  • The importance of honoring where you’re at and being patient with yourself.

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