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Do you want to produce your own podcast but have no idea where to start? We can help. Podcast Atlantic can assist you with all aspects of the podcasting journey. We can be your one stop shop or help with just part of the process. We are a mobile operation, so we can come to location of your choosing. If you would like a quote or have any questions that our FAQ does not answer, please reach out to us using this link.  We can also meet with you for a free consultation so that you get all your questions answered in person. (Limited to Mainland Nova Scotia currently.)



  • Includes Pre-Production
  • On site Setup/Record. We come to a location convenient to you. Up to four persons’ can be recorded at the same time.
  • Post Production which includes editing and uploading podcasts.
  • (Podcasts can be transferred to you for your own use.)


  • Includes Pre-Production
  • Post Production which includes editing and uploading podcasts.
  • (Podcasts can be transferred to you for your own use.)



  • Show Notes – Research – Bookings – Meetings
  • Host/Interviewer
  • Travel Expenses (If outside of a 150 km limit of HMR.)
  • Website Page creation on Podcast Atlantic Site
  • Podcast Cloud Hosting
  • Logo Creation (Client has the choice to take on this responsibility.)
  • Coaching
  • Social Media Coordination Per Podcast – Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.



The simplest and most common type of podcast. Often used by people who are experts in a certain area that they want to share. Just one person and a microphone.



Often, this style of podcast is with a group of people who have similar interests.  Anything from shared hobbies, tv show viewing or craft beer, the sky is the limit.  Usually one person takes the lead, introducing the show, setting up the topics and keeping everyone on track.


Interviews/Panel Discussion

One of the more common podcasts is having one host, with either a single guest, or multiple guests throughout the course of the show.


Nonfiction Narrative Storytelling

This is a complicated form of podcasting. Best suited for journalist, this style relies on lots of interviews, voice over recording and music support.  These podcasts tell the true stories, from true crime to ghost stories, this type of podcasting can be very rewarding for both the creators and the listener.



This type of podcast is best described as a “60 Minute” type storytelling.  There may or may not be a consistent theme throughout the episode.  There are at least three segments that can be produced over a number of hours, days or weeks and then strung together with hosted introductions.



Likely one of the more difficult to produce, a fiction podcast can be dramatic, comedic or a little bit of both. This is another style of podcast that involves a great deal of preparation.  The use of actors, along with sound effects and music, make producing such work a challenge.



Branded podcasts are podcasts created for and by companies to promote their brands. These are not commercials but a show that only makes small passing mentions of the host company while diving into a specific topic and/or featuring relevant guests.


Convention Coverage

Have your convention keynote speaker, breakout sessions and workshops covered.  You can also have a Podcasting production area in a quiet corner or room to interview various guests and attendees.


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