S3/E62 – Country Queer Special

Kenney sits down for a chat with Dale Geist, founder of Country Queer to swap experiences as LGBTQ support platforms. Plus we also have some incredible music from Alexander Mountain, Anthony Hale, Elephant Trees, Emily McNally, Homer Marrs, Izzii Grace, Kele Fleming, Kenny Supreme, Michael White, Nate Rich X, Reiss Meister, Samantha Grace, Tom Skinner and Tommy Atkins ⚡️CONNECT WITH Q REVIEW⚡️ Website: https://www.qreview.ca ⚡️ FaceBook / Instagram / Twitter  @theqreviews ⚡️YouTube.com/qreviews⚡️Apparel Shop QReview’s Artist Shop | Featuring custom t-shirts, prints, and more ⚡️Theme Music provided and performed by UK DJ and producer Hectic @hectictracks on Instagram⚡️

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