You hear it almost anytime you listen to a podcast.  “Don’t forget to rate and review this us.”  Besides “subscribe to”, it is the most often ask from any podcaster.

It does seem that we are always being hounded for one thing or another these days.  And when it’s not a friend or family member asking, it’s easy to ignore a “rate and review” request.

The ability to rate and review is primarily an iTunes feature and, they have the lion’s share of listeners.  Right now, the only android app that allows you to accomplish this is StitcherAt some point in the future, the android side of things will figure this out and we will be able to give our podcasts their due on all platforms.

For any podcast it is important to get those ratings and reviews.  It’s a metric for new listeners and for potential revenue.  For some podcasters this does not mean much.  They aren’t “in it” for the glory or the money.  They are doing it for the shear joy of it.  Fantastic!  Often, those are the podcasts that end up with the most listenership.  For many, the number of downloads and subscriptions is vital.  This is their business and they need the support, so they can continue the good works.

Social media is a very good way to gather support for a podcast.  Getting likes and follows shows that people are paying attention and enough of these will bring those ears, and hopefully the money to the podcaster.

Whether you are a listener or a podcaster who also listens, please step up when you can and show your support by clicking that rate and review button, subscribing, liking and following.  Your favorite podcast will be so grateful for your help.

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