“Storytelling: Love, Look and Look again” – Dave Carroll – Dave Carroll Music

Entrepreneur – Dave Carroll

Current or Primary Business(s) – Big Break Enterprises

Topics of Conversation

  • Storytelling is a superpower – you can affect real change in words and sounds alone
  • Love, look and look again – Build compassion in your organization
  • ADHD adult diagnosis, a superpower in disguise?
  • Investment in relationships/customers over time compounds
  • Leveraging huge exposure (United Breaks Guitars) for longer-term opportunities
  • Meaningful stories and concepts can reach anyone, at any age.
  • Giving people the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong
  • Reach out for advice, you will be surprised who will take the time
  • The Business of Art and being a creative
  • Songwriting/Storytelling as a Service (SAS Model)
  • Say yes to everything – a double-edged sword

Books and recommendations

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