70. Creating Your Own Career Path + Blogging with Kayla Short

Kayla Short is an award-winning blogger, columnist, and TV personality and she can be found right here in Halifax!

Before building her own business, she was a teacher, which gave her the confidence to do what she does now. Kayla documents her love for fashion, style, travel, and beauty.

This week she gives us a look at the business behind blogging, how to create a career in a field that doesn’t yet exist, and shares where she’s focusing her energy next.

Plus, Kayla updates us on the hottest trends with the Gen Z’s, like what emoji’s are in, Tik Tok, and the latest fashion.

Connect with Kayla at shortpresents.com and @shortpresents.

Big shout out to Luvo Wines for sponsoring this episode! Get your Luvo at luvolife.ca.

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