Hilary Corna – Humanizing Organizational Cultures

Hilary Corna has over 10 years of experience working in senior executive positions for companies like Toyota Motor Asia Pacific and speaking on stages across the world.

Hilary’s been featured in the New York Times, Fortune, ForbesWoman, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, and dozens of other publications.

As a best-selling author of “One White Face”, her words have influenced leaders at every level to embrace their own humanity and in turn, become more conscious, empathetic and empowering with those they lead.  Hilary’s weekly thought-provoking emails are a must-read.

In today’s episode Ron and Hilary discuss:

  • How to humanize organizational culture?
  • How to develop a culture of love and caring?
  • How to use automations for the good of the company vs dehumanizing the workplaces?
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