The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Creating Company Culture – Episode 54

Our guest is Lorenzo Gomez – a 3x bestselling author, the founder of Geekdom Media, Texas’ largest coworking space, and cofounder of The 80/20 Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to investing in the future of San Antonio.

His new book, The Rack We Built, hit #1 best seller on Amazon and is catching a nice bit of buzz. It talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly of creating company culture and shares a couple of culture horror stories some of us can relate to that are still all too common in todays workplace.

Lorenzo is an amazing resource on what it takes to build award-winning company culture — especially during periods of growth — based on his experience working with Rackspace from a scrappy startup through to its IPO.

In this episode of Scaling Culture, Ron and Lorenzo discuss:

  • The Rackspace story of building “a winning team on an inspiring mission with each member being valued”
  • Practical strategies and tactics to help systemize a process of scaling a workplace culture
  • What is the future of “culture” and current trends companies should be embracing

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