KingSett Capital: The Power of Vulnerability, Sustainability and Company Stories – Episode 55

Our guest is Jon Love, the founder, and CEO of KingSett Capital, a Canadian private equity real estate investment business that owns interests in a $19.1 billion portfolio of assets. Founded in 2002, KingSett has raised $12.5 billion of equity for its Growth, Income, Urban, Mortgage, and Affordable Housing strategies.

Jon serves on the Board of Directors of the Chief Executives Organization, is a member of the Business Council of Canada and YPO and of the Order of Canada. We were honoured to host Jon on the podcast.

In this episode of Scaling Culture, Ron and Jon discuss:

  • Core values being a foundational component of any culture
  • The power of company stories and how critical they are for sustainability
  • Nothing-is-perfect mentality and vulnerability as key drivers of constant growth

For more information about Jon, please connect with him on LinkedIn.

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