Deloitte: How to Use Language and Collaboration to Align 330,000+ People – Episode 56

Our guest is Dawn Crouch, COO Global Regulatory & Public Policy for Deloitte.

Dawn has spent over 20 years of her career with Deloitte in both internal strategic roles and client-facing consulting roles across the financial services, pharmaceutical/life sciences, manufacturing, and the public sector. In her current COO role, she leads talent, finance, operations, and strategic projects for the business unit. A common thread Throughout her career has been focusing on initiatives around people engagement and inclusion for the firm.

In this episode of Scaling Culture, Ron and Dawn discuss:

  • Why “words really matter” and how to use language to align hundreds of thousands of Deloitters around the globe
  • How to use a collaborative mindset to execute strategic global initiatives in ways that are not disruptive to local leaders
  • Deloitte’s experience with giving autonomy to their associates by moving away from compliance to professional obligations

For more information about Dawn, please connect with her on LinkedIn.

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