Zurich Insurance: Shifting From Command and Control to Employee Empowerment – Episode 57

Our guest is David Henderson, Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Zurich Insurance.

Since joining the company in 2017, David has executed an HR strategy to support culture transformation, focused on delivering tangible improvements in employee experience and on aligning the capability, commitment, and culture of the company to its strategic vision, purpose, and values. Prior to Zurich Insurance, David also held a number of executive roles at MetLife and PepsiCo.

In this episode of Scaling Culture, Ron and David discuss:

  • The experience of moving from a command-and-control culture to a more customer-centric and employee empowerment model with a focus on purpose values and soft skills
  • Change management tools and processes, from Organizational Health Index and eNPS to new Zurich Insurance Performance Management System.
  • The process of getting 55,000+ people aligned as well as how to get a buy-in both at the Board and mid-management level.

For more information about David, please connect with him on LinkedIn.

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