Culture Transformation With 300,000+ People and 175 Years Legacy – Episode 95 with Judith Wiese (Siemens)

Our guest is Judith Wiese – Chief People and Sustainability Officer at Siemens.

Judith has more than two decades of international experience in various HR fields. In her current role at Siemens, Judith focuses on driving an inclusive and empowering culture that paves the way for continuous transformation and accelerating Siemens’ sustainability ambition to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. Previously, she was Chief Human Resources Officer at DSM and Head of People & Organization at Mars.

In this episode of Scaling Culture, Ron and Judith discuss:

  • Judith’s career journey and how she joined Siemens Chief People and Sustainability Officer at the same time when there was CEO change.
  • Siemens culture transformation with 300,000+ people in more than 200 countries and 175 years legacy.
  • Siemens 4 priorities, 8 leader traits and their way to making things measurable.
  • Sustainability, importance of language and how to foster strong culture and maintain diversity at scale.

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