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Scientists Are Reviving Dead Organs?! So, What Is Death Really? – Feel Good Friday

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at the top of the show!! See ya soon Vancouver! This week Jer continues his fascination with conjoined twins with the latest story coming out of Brazil where two boys conjoined at the skull were separated with the help of VR! Meanwhile in the U.S., researchers have found a way to revive dead pig organs. This could be a huge step in organ donation, but it also raises some hard questions like: what is death, really? Sunscreen is hella important, but Banana Boat Sunscreen made a little boo-boo with one of their recent products causing a recall. Speaking of organ donation there is some very scary organ harvesting practices happening in China and quite frankly it’s a major bummer. Finally in WHAT THE HELLTH!? A woman from Scotland developed a rare disorder causing her to need a wheelchair, however when she wears heels she can mysteriously walk with no problem? How?

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