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Baked biscuits

I had every intention of having a new post ready for you this month, but life and Mother Nature didn’t exactly cooperate. Lyme Disease is rampant in our part of the province (one of the only things I don’t love about Nova Scotia) and after being excruciatingly sick and miserable, I was diagnosed with it in August. After a course of antibiotics and a few weeks, I am feeling so much better. So that took up a few weeks of my summer, and between going back to work this past week, preparing for Hurricane Dorian, and now cleaning up, visits and podcasts weren’t/aren’t on anyone’s priority list! If you were affected by the hurricane, I hope that all will be well.

So this month, I’m going to do something I haven’t yet done, and re-post an episode! Dorian brought cooler breezes and less humid, clear air, which has me feeling all of the fall feels. Soup and biscuits is one of the coziest fall meals that I love to make – it’s warm and comforting and nourishing and feels like a grounding, centering meal when schedules start to ramp up with other activities. Austen’s mile-high square biscuits are such a thing of beauty – if you haven’t tried making them yet, you should give it a go. A bit of butter and some honey or jam is to me the most magical sweet-salty-crispy-flaky mouthful of wonderfulness. We recently harvested some honey from our bees, and have been enjoying it at every opportunity – and this is one application I am definitely going to be trying. You can whip up a batch of biscuits and a pot of soup and tuck them in a picnic – imagine them snug and cozy in your bag, next to your thermos of tea as you head out for a walk in the woods on a sunny weekend afternoon with a cool breeze in your face and the scent of fall in the air – how perfect is that? Enjoy!

Biscuits with marmalade

Austen’s Rolled Biscuits

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