Episode 9: A Dark Night For The Soul Of Nova Scotia (Part One)

A Dark Night for the Soul of Nova Scotia: Here’s How Art & Yoga Can Help

I usually use my radio show for women’s voices and stories to be heard – but as a self-titled grief activist, I thought I could use this media platform to have a heart opening conversation about personal and collective GRIEF in these poignant time. I hope this conversation will widen your lens on where we find ourselves as a province and where we can go from here. Like all of you, I am just trying to figure out some pretty heavy shit…

In Part One of this two-part podcast series you will learn

How grief is wider that we make it to be.

The different gates of grief and my all-time favourite teacher + book on grief.

2 poems that I’ve carried me during this radical time of change

The long loss art of rituals and how these wake us up to life’s brilliance and hope for a new world.

The best secret of all time: that by doing what you love you are healing your province… heck the world!

Art and Yoga are healing balms for our grieving soul. Love you and your grieving hearts too!

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