Black Man in a White Coat Fighting For Mental Health

Humor isn’t just medicine for the soul; it’s also a scalpel that dissects the complex anatomy of our mental and physical health. This week Jer and Tay are joined by best-selling author and psychiatrist, Dr. Damon Tweedy.

From discussing the stigmas that shadow mental health in marginalized communities to the transformative power of integrating mental health care into everyday medical practice, the conversation covers significant ground. Dr. Tweedy shares his evolution from cardiology to psychiatry, emphasizing the critical role of mental health in medical education and the larger healthcare ecosystem. Stick around for the wrap up, as we continue the mental health talk where Jer shares a real life nightmare where he may or may not have had a psychotic break. Was it intrusive cognitions? Was it a complete psychotic break? Tune in to the end to find out! 

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