Blink and You’ll Miss It: Something Is Lodged In Jeremie’s Tear Duct!? – Feel Good Friday
This week Jer and Bri take things to a whole other level of Gnar. Jeremie somehow experienced something medical that is not googleable. Spoiler alert it has to do with something lodged in his tear duct AKA the PUNCTUM! What happens to a broken bone that doesn’t receive any medical intervention? The results are gag-inducing. The fellas discuss the dangerous reality of medical tourism in the United States – specifically the story of four unfortunate souls who took a trip to Mexico for some cosmetic surgery, only to end up in the crosshairs of some very confused gunmen. Talk about a vacation gone wrong! Are you in a long-distance relationship and missing the thrill of a passionate kiss? Look no further, because a group of university students in China have created a virtual kissing machine to help you out. It looks like a mouth fleshlight and honestly might make you re-think long-distance relationships after all. Finally in this week’s edition of WHAT THE HELLTH?!!? Like some sort of Canadian Heritage Moment (I smell burnt toast) a woman had brain surgery and the docs had her play violin during the procedure to make sure they didn’t bungle up her hand-eye coordination.

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