Boob Density: Beth’s Unforeseen Journey With Breast Cancer
This week the fellas chat with the fierce and fabulous Beth Ciavaglia, a physiotherapist turned long-term care administrator, who shares her story of being diagnosed with grade 3, stage 3 breast cancer just two weeks before her 40th birthday. Beth talks about the importance of patients having a voice in healthcare and how her experience with cancer opened her eyes to this need. She dives into the science behind breast density and its correlation with breast cancer, and Beth stresses the importance of asking about breast density after a mammogram. She also reminds us that cancer is never truly over, as patients may still be left with musculoskeletal impairment and psychological trauma even when there is no evidence of disease. Her experience has shown her that patients often know more than healthcare professionals in many ways. She also highlights the importance of research as care and how she has chosen to contribute by being a partner in research.

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