Championing Trans Rights and Mental Health: Rowan Jetté Knox
In this heartfelt and inspiring episode, we sit down with Rowan Jetté Knox, a renowned author, speaker, and human rights advocate. Rowan’s incredible journey in advocating for LGBTQ2S+ inclusion and raising awareness about mental health has had a profound impact worldwide. We dive into his latest book, “ONE SUNNY AFTERNOON”. He shares the courage it took to seek help when struggling with suicidality as September is Suicide Awareness Month. Throughout the conversation, we explore Rowan’s personal journey with mental health, from adolescence to adulthood. He candidly discusses the challenges he’s faced, including a diagnosis of Complex PTSD, and the daily tools he’s implemented to manage this condition effectively. Join us for this moving and enlightening conversation as we explore the intersections of mental health, LGBTQ2S+ inclusion, and the resilience that comes from seeking help and support. Rowan Jetté Knox’s story is a testament to the power of advocacy and the human spirit.

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