CULTivating Liberation: Navigating a Life of Art and Spirituality
In this captivating episode, we sit down with Jeremy Carne, a multifaceted artist, producer, meditation teacher, and model who has traversed the worlds of comedy, music, and spirituality across the UK, US, and Australia. With over 2 billion views on his produced videos and more than 30 years of spiritual practice, Jeremy’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Jeremy’s unique upbringing within a community often labeled as a “cult” raises intriguing questions about the boundaries between liberation and conformity. Join us as he reflects on the valuable lessons he gleaned from this unconventional environment and his subsequent quest for personal freedom. We delve into profound discussions, exploring the root-level resolution of chronic mental illnesses through yogic techniques and the pursuit of inclusivity in a post-pandemic world marked by division.

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