Did Ya Know?! Pepto Bismol Makes Your Poop Black! – Feel Good Friday
This week Jer introduces a new segment – DID YA KNOW?! Did you know Pepto Bismol makes your poop and tongue black? If you’ve experienced this, don’t freak out – it’s just because of the “bismuth” in Pepto. Just remember, Pepto Bismol may give you a dark side, but it also gives you fast and effective relief from your tummy troubles. Stay cool and let your stomach chill with Pepto Bismol! (This is not an ad). Some smart people created a bandage that’s not just any bandage, but one that uses electrotherapy to heal wounds like a superhero on steroids. A Brantford woman is all sorts of F’ed up and will hopefully be serving some much-needed time behind bars for committing some of the most messed up stuff we’ve ever heard on the podcast. Also, why do men avoid the doctor? The fellas are sure it’s due to lots of reasons but hopefully, that will change! Finally, Jer shares how the dogs in Chernobyl are the goodest boys out there!

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