Dodging Death, Surviving Cancer and Shifting Careers: Stage IV Melanoma and Addison's Disease
“This week the boys are joined by past guest Oliver, a cancer survivor with a twist! Not only did he take on stage IV melanoma like a champ, but the immunotherapy he braved had a quirky side effect—Winnie Harlow style! Yup! Oliver’s skin changed colours. Even his eyebrows have taken on their own look. But that’s not all—Oliver’s story gets even more colourful (pun intended) with his unexpected encounter with Addison’s disease. A mix of liquid diarrhea and medications required to keep him alive! We’re elated that Oliver not only isn’t dead yet but that he is taking life by the balls and thriving even after a super serious cancer diagnosis!

Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord! https://discord.gg/expeUDN”

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