Down the Rabbit Hole: A Look at the Strange and Surreal World of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome – Feel Good Friday
This week things get weird. Like, Alice in Wonderland weird. Speaking of, ever hear of Alice In Wonderland Syndrome? It’s a rare neurological condition that causes people to experience distortions in their perception of time, space, and their bodies. People with Alice in Wonderland syndrome might feel like they’re shrinking or growing, or that their surroundings are changing size. In some cases, they might even feel like they’re losing their sense of self. All without the need for psychedelics. If you think that’s weird, Ever hear of lexical-gustatory synaesthesia? A condition that causes people to associate words and names with specific tastes and smells. For example, the name “Kirsty” might taste like piss to one person, while it might taste like sliced apples to another. This condition is thought to be caused by a cross-wiring of the senses in the brain. Then they talk about a man in the US whose tongue turned green and hairy after taking antibiotics and smoking cigarettes. Not sure what’s worse… the name of your closest friend smelling like piss or a green hairy tongue. Finally, they discuss a breakthrough drug that could regrow teeth. Researchers in Japan are developing a drug that could regrow teeth for people who have lost teeth due to injury or disease. This is a major breakthrough for the dental field, and it could potentially help millions of people. But it’s not going to help the tongue guy or the dude who smells pee at the sound of “Kirsty”.

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