From Prison to Prosperity: Stephen Gillen’s Remarkable Redemption
This week the fellas are in for a riveting conversation with Stephen Gillen, once the UK’s most notorious ex-mobster turned CEO and transformational pioneer. Born amid Belfast’s turmoil in 1971, Stephen’s life spiraled into crime after grieving the loss of a loved one. He weathered brutal institutions and a 17-year prison sentence, earning the label of a dangerous prisoner. Determined to change, he tackled behavioral issues, addiction, and poverty head-on. Today, as CEO of Roar Media Creative, he’s a global entrepreneur, media personality, and writer. Stephen’s journey from darkness to light reveals the resilience of the human spirit, offering inspiration and insights into radical personal transformation. Don’t miss his compelling story of redemption, triumph, and the power of rewriting one’s own narrative.

Be sure to check out Stephen’s website to stay up to date with his upcoming UK Tour: https://stephengillen.com/

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