Go Placid Against The Haste: Navigating the Challenges of Family Medicine w/ Dr. Iris Gorfinkel
This week the guys sit down with Dr. Iris Gorfinkel, a well-respected family physician and clinical researcher. With over 15 years of experience in participating in clinical trials, Dr. Gorfinkel shares her insights on the current state of primary care in Canada and the impact of a shortage of family doctors. She sheds light on the pressing issue of one in five Canadians lacking a family doctor, and the impact it has on patient care. Dr. Gorfinkel also discusses the challenges faced by family physicians in terms of administrative work, chronic care, and preventative care. She explains how a shift in focus towards acute care could benefit patients by keeping them out of emergency rooms and ensuring better health outcomes. Finally, Dr. Gorfinkel shares her thoughts on the path forward to free up family doctors’ time and provide better access to primary care for the six million Canadians currently lacking a family doctor.

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